martin hnát


I was 19 when both Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni passed away, one after another in a short time. That summer I was often lying in a bedroom, cycling through some TV music channels before going to sleep. During those few hot nights our public-service television aired homage to those great directors.

Accidentally that way I saw cinema in its full might and beauty for the first time, as I didn’t know it by far until that day.

I was enchanted by Persona, and mesmerized by Red Desert, so I began to search for similar films and I shortly realised that there are so many brave new worlds to dive into. From those days on, something started to push me towards a wish to become a filmmaker.

I have finished my film school studies in 2015. Now I’m freelancing and slowly working on a first feature film, together with scriptwriter Tereza Dodoková.


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